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The scientific beauty of MS Hospitality
The history of the MS group: acronym of the owners’ names, Marco and Simona, it is the result of Simona’s innate passion for aesthetics, style, art and beauty, combined with her natural inclination for perfection which led to the choice of her profession as a mathematics teacher.
Born in Gargano, Manfredonia, into a simple family, Simona was inspired from an early age by the strong love for beauty cultivated by her father, an aesthete and perfectionist to the extent that he designed his wife’s wedding dress.
Tenacious, ambitious and eager to stand out and reach beyond the boundaries of what was possible. After graduating and marrying Marco, who was the first to grasp the young wife’s fertile potential, Simona decided to transfer her scientific knowledge into the beauty of the interior designing of all types of hospitality. Together with Marco and with the help of competent professionals, she developed lively creations depicting careful attention to detail, refined symmetrical proportions and classy combinations of spaces and volumes.
Simona’s concept is based on meticulous order, carefully thought-out colors, fine fabrics and custom-made furnishings, such that every room can accommodate international guests in refined settings, where comfort, well-being and exclusive standards of living are always unique and high performing for every customer’s request, even the most discerning.
With each new project, Marco creates a structure and Simona gives it an identity that is both unique and diversified to create varied offers.

The Charming La Civetta B&B
Born from the idea of offering an elegant and welcoming structure in the landscape of Foggia (until then lacking in hospitality). It was created from a prestigious 18th century building, the home of Marco’s grandfather, who taught Latin and Greek.
The B&B is named after the passion of Marco’s father, a collector of owls, a lucky charm of Greek origins.
The structure, imbued with that charm linked to family tradition that Simona wanted to preserve, has been fully renovated into six rooms: each room evoking great masterpieces of cinema – a perpetual source of inspiration for Simona.

L’Etoile Luxury b&b
With her rigorous and mathematical mind, the artistic soul of Simona, dancing as a child, is even more associated and evident in the creation of the Etoile Luxury B&B, a structure in which she wanted to highlight all the grace and elegance of the brightest dancing star together with the hospitality facilities of the then newly formed MS group, starting with the white color of the splendid façade contrasting the external architectural elements.
Using scientific beauty to transform the building’s existing weaknesses into strengths (such as the lack of a breakfast room gave rise to the idea of serving breakfast directly in the room, a real treat for guests), Simona created a luxury B&B, right in the city center, this time inspired by books that shaped her education: the rooms, in fact, take their names from the titles of masterpieces of literature that marked Simona’s life.

Hotel Up
Wellness & Spa
For the design of the Hotel Up Museum – Wellness & Spa, Simona began from her roots and daring desire to achieve in her life that yearning for progress and success that she has always aspired to, together with her husband Marco.
Inspired by the colors of the planets and the light of the constellations, Simona has furnished the 26 rooms of the structure, choosing with obsessive precision precious wallpapers designed by prestigious brands. She envisioned an Up Museum designed to illustrate to the customer the mapping of the celestial sphere and offering the magic of looking upwards, also metaphorically understood as a vision projected towards success: that of the MS group and its business class clientele.
With her choice of smells and colors evocative of a fascinating Orient, Simona, in the magnificent SPA of Hotel Up, wanted to allow customers rejuvenate not only by using the whirlpool baths, sauna, Turkish bath and relaxing emotional and Swedish showers, but also by tasting herbal teas and fruits with an exciting musical and visual background to make the guests of the MS group feel privileged and caressed by luxury.

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