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Getting a relaxing session, transforming your appearance and making you feel fascinating are goals we have in common. The Studio M Beauty Center, located at Hotel UP, takes care of your face and body thanks to specific, diligent treatments aimed at satisfying your desire to appear stunning.
Studio M Beauty Center is a concept developed within the UP Hotel in Foggia with the objective of pampering and welcoming you in a relaxing and comfortable environment. Every area of our beauty salon is carefully designed down to the smallest detail, from the choice of furnishings to the choice of cosmetic products, to create a simple and pleasant setting where you can enjoy moments of pure relaxation. The environment, soundproofed functional and equipped with the best tools for different beauty treatments, is at the same time welcoming and functional and is organized in such a way as to guarantee maximum customer privacy. Come and visit us to rediscover the pleasure of body care.
Studio M Beauty Center offers a series of basic beauty treatments and is specialized in body and face treatments.
The center and its staff are dedicated to taking care of your image and physical well-being with the aim of making your experience fulfilling.

Our staff will welcome you in fragrant and hospitable environments to revitalize your skin and ensure your appearance in every detail. Those wishing to take on a more refined appearance, restoring the right weight to your silhouette, will find basic beauty treatments and other exclusive body treatments at the Centro Estetico Studio M.

Studio M Beauty Center boasts qualified professionals who will take care of your well-being with personalized facial and body treatments with the help of innovative products of the highest quality and cutting-edge equipment and technology. You can decide the best way to regenerate and relax with a pleasant massage and / or use our beauty services of hair removal, make up, manicure, pedicure, …